Application Process

How to Get Started

These are the four main steps in the application process.

1. Use the Contact Us page on this website to send HCMA an e-mail with your background and contact information. Or you can call the HCMA Office at (714) 572-3626.

We are available and glad to answer any questions you may have about chaplaincy training, professional certification, and membership with HCMA. Once we hear from you, we can put you in touch with one of our Area Directors who will contact you. This person will be able to give you a better understanding of the ministry opportunities available in your area. If you decide to apply for clinical pastoral education and certification, correspondence with the Area Director is the first step in the application process.

2. You will be asked to fill out a Preliminary Application. In addition to asking you to give us details concerning your theological education and ministry background, this Preliminary Application will also ask you to describe your conversion experience, your call to the ministry, your philosophy of pastoral care, etc. You will also be personally interviewed by the Area Director and the Area Steering Committee as a potential training candidate.

3. You will be sent a Final Application after completing the preliminary application process, if it is determined that you are qualified for the training program. During this final application process, HCMA will do a credential and background check. You will also be asked to sign the HCMA Statement of Faith, Code of Ethics, Membership Agreement, and Independent Contractor’s Agreement. In addition, you will take a Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) during this final application process. You will submit the non-refundable Final Application Fee of $225.

4. If approved as a Chaplain-Trainee, you will be assigned a Teaching Chaplain (Supervisor) to mentor you through your 1,600 hours (four units) of clinical pastoral education.

Application, Training, and Certification Fees

Application Fee
There is no charge for completing and submitting the Preliminary Application. If an applicant satisfactorily meets all qualifications after the preliminary application process, s/he is sent the Final Application for HCMA Clinical Pastoral Training (or Equivalency). There is a non-refundable Final Application Fee of $225 when the Final Application form is submitted to HCMA. This fee covers processing of the candidate, verification of credentials, doing a criminal background check, a credit check, and the cost of the T-JTA test.

Training Equivalency Fee
Those applying for clinical pastoral education equivalency will be charged an equivalency processing fee of $50. This fee is for reviewing your evaluations in order to confirm that you have satisfactorily completed the CPE units for which you are asking to be given credit. This is in addition to the Final Application Fee.

Clinical Pastoral Education Fee
The cost for each Unit of the HCMA Clinical Pastoral Education Curriculum is $500 per Unit. This curriculum is available online for Trainees.

Certification Fee
An applicant for Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) or Certified Clinical Chaplain (CCC) with HCMA will submit the Professional Certification Fee of $200 along with the required documents for professional certification.