HCMA Code Of Ethics

The conduct of HCMA members, both public and private, has the potential to inspire people or to demoralize them. The specification of ethical standards enables HCMA to clarify to its members, as well as those served, the nature of the ethical responsibilities held in common by its members. These ethical responsibilities address the behavior of members in both their professional relationships and personal behavior.

This Code of Ethics does not presume to provide answers to ethical questions. What it does establish is a set of ethical standards that will help members to describe values and define boundaries by which ethical questions can be discussed and evaluated.

The HCMA Code of Ethics gives expression to the basic values and standards of professional chaplaincy, guides decision-making and professional behavior, provides a mechanism for professional accountability, and informs the public as to what they can expect from professional HCMA Board Certified Chaplains (BCC) and Certified Clinical Chaplains (CCC).

This document is one of two foundational documents (the other being the Professional Chaplain Competency Standards) that describe what it means for a professional Chaplain to function as a competent and ethical pastoral caregiver in the healthcare setting.

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