Professional Standards

HCMA is committed to a high standard of professional conduct for its members. In certifying chaplains for healthcare ministry, demonstration of professional competency standards, as well as ethical conduct, is of primary concern. The Professional Chaplain Competency Standards and the Code of Ethics has been established by HCMA for measuring chaplaincy care skills and ethical behavior. HCMA Chaplains are held accountable for these standards of professional and ethical conduct.

These Professional Chaplain Competency Standards and Code of Ethics are motivated by a commitment to excellence in the pastoral/spiritual care provided by its members and a concern for the well-being of the clients they serve. Professional and ethical standards are vital to public respect for and trust in the ministry of professional chaplains. Each professional and ethical standard is designed to guide HCMA and its members in recognizing norms for professional and ethical conduct and for calling people to accountability when these norms are violated. If there is any allegation of an HCMA member being in violation of any of these standards, the HCMA Ethics Committee will look into all of the stories and concerns involved. If there is found to be a need for discipline, the goal will be on restoration of the offender to an appropriate life and ministry.

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