Ways to Support HCMA

HCMA Chaplains come alongside people at some of the most dramatic and emotional moments in their lives. They offer apt pastoral/spiritual support to patients and their family members, as well as medical staff who are often overwhelmed by the spiritual needs of patients and residents.

Please help HCMA support its Chaplains by making a contribution. You may choose to invest in several areas of ministry. Below, we have outlined several specific areas to show you the full impact your contribution may have on its members and the people they serve.

HCMA has consistently maintained high ethical standards regarding its financial accountability throughout its over 80 years of history as a faith mission organization. It has always been committed to “taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of men” (2 Corinthians 8:21, NIV), with regard to its finances. These financial precautions are done so that no one will be able to discredit HCMA in the administration of its mission. HCMA is a member of the ECFA and has always followed the “Standards of Responsible Stewardship” established by the ECFA.

Chaplain Ministry Sponsorship

Sponsor an HCMA Chaplain’s ministry at the bedside.

There are many HCMA Chaplains who need monthly financial support in order to continue their ministry at a healthcare facility that does not have a budget for pastoral/spiritual care. Not all HCMA Chaplains are employees who receive a salary or benefits from the facilities where they serve.

HCMA Annual Conference Sponsorship

Help sponsor the HCMA Annual Clinical Conference.

HCMA provides an annual clinical conference for its members. It is a valuable time of learning, networking, and fellowship. Many of our Chaplains, who must rely on monthly contributions to support their ministry, often do not have extra funds to attend this annual conference. Your donation will help offset expenses and allow us to keep the fees to a minimum for our Chaplains.

HCMA Daily Operations Sponsorship

Sponsor HCMA and its ministry of chaplaincy training and certifying qualified Christian Chaplains to serve in the healthcare setting.

Your donation to the General Fund will help ensure that patients, families, and healthcare professionals will be comforted and transformed by the grace and compassion of Christ through the ministry of our HCMA Chaplains.

In Tribute Gifts

This is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one, colleague, minister or friend who has touched your life. Your gift to HCMA will honor their memory and extend their legacy of caring to many others. Your charitable gift will help support the mission of HCMA to provide qualified Chaplains to serve in healthcare facilities throughout the nation. And their ministry touches countless lives with the compassion of Christ.

Your “In Tribute” gift is a meaningful way to express gratitude for someone’s care for you, to honor someone who has died, or to celebrate special events in someone’s life. For each memorial or honor gift, a letter of recognition is sent to the individual or their family naming you as the donor.

Your gift of gratitude lets another know how much you care for them and empowers our profession of faith for the future. If you would like to send an “In Tribute” gift, you can make your tax-deductible gift payable to HCMA. Simply include a note explaining that the gift is “in honor of…” or “in memory of…” and the name and address of the person to whom the letter of acknowledgement should be sent. Or you can make the gift online to HCMA.

Corporate Grants or Endowments

Ask your employer if they have such a program. If your company has such a benefit, let us know and we will be delighted to follow up with your employer. Please contact the HCMA office.

Church Support

Maybe your church or Missions Outreach Ministry would like to be a part of the ministry of HCMA. We have several churches that support the ministry of HCMA on an ongoing basis, but we could always use more regular monthly support. We would be delighted to come and present the aspect of our ministry to your church or missions’ leader. Call at 714-572-3626 or write the HCMA office if interested. [Click Here]