How You Can Help

You can have an impact in the lives of others. You can help HCMA minister to those in need by praying for, supporting and encouraging a Chaplain, by praying for and supporting the HCMA organization, by referring hospitals or potential Chaplain Applicants to HCMA or by applying to HCMA yourself.

Become an HCMA Chaplain

If you want to have a dynamic impact through an active pastoral care ministry within the healthcare setting, and you meet the qualifications, then consider training and serving as an HCMA Chaplain. HCMA provides extensive and intensive clinical pastoral training.

Tell Others

Although the HCMA has been training healthcare Chaplains since 1939, there are always more who could be involved. Share with others the joy you have in being part of the HCMA ministering team as a supporter or prayer partner. Encourage others to call for information or have them visit this web site.

Refer Candidates

If you know seminary students, pastors or missionaries who might be prospective Chaplains, tell them about HCMA. Also, expose young people to the possibility of serving the Lord in the future as an HCMA Chaplain.

Refer Patients

If you have a friend or relative who would benefit from a visit, call your Chaplain.

Pray for HCMA Chaplains

Any effective ministry must be undergirded by prayer. HCMA Chaplains desire your prayers. If you are not currently familiar with a Chaplain, contact HCMA and the office will put you in contact with one in your area. Encourage others to receive your HCMA Chaplain’s prayer letter. The prayer letter will help you and others pray for specific needs.

Encourage Your HCMA Chaplain

While the ministry is very rewarding, it can also be very challenging. Chaplains need to know that they are remembered in prayer and that you appreciate their ministry. Here are some ways that you can encourage them:

  • Write regular notes of encouragement or e-mails of affirmation to your Chaplain.
  • When in the area, stop by the Chaplain’s office and have a coffee break together.
  • Invite your Chaplain to speak at your church or small group.
  • Include your Chaplain in the next missionary conference at your church.

Any act of kindness you do to touch the Chaplain’s life will encourage him or her in ministry to others.

Support HCMA Chaplains Financially

Not all HCMA Chaplains are an employee of the healthcare facility and receive a salary. HCMA Chaplains depend on individuals, churches, foundations and other organizations to provide their financial support. Consider giving to an individual Chaplain or to the HCMA Chaplains’ Benevolence Fund. If possible, support your Chaplain through monthly, systematic giving. You might also consider including HCMA in your will. Such gifts expand and encourage the ministry and allow future Chaplains to serve effectively.

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