What Others Say

What Patients Say…

what people say“God sent you to me. I was wondering if He had forgotten me. Now I am sure He will never leave me or forsake me.”

“I was so afraid of going under the anesthetic for my operation. Since we put it into the Lord’s hands, I have peace that all will be fine.”

“I live several hours drive from the hospital. It has been so lonely since my family can’t come to see me very often. Your visits have been a great encouragement.”

“I knew you would come to see me, because I was praying that if there was a chaplain he would come to my room. The reason I am in the hospital is that my husband beat me up. I am so afraid. I need you to pray for me.”

“I know that I would not have survived my accident unless God had spared my life. I want to get my life back close to God. Will you help me?”

What Families Say…

“I would like to express my thanks for all your help and prayers during my husband’s illness and death. Your words of comfort always seemed to come at the right time, and were a great comfort during the long waits in the emergency room and waiting for visiting hours.”

“It is wonderful having a hospital with someone to pray with you.”

“We thought our son just had pneumonia. The doctors told us he is terminal. We are so grateful to have someone be with us now.”

“I couldn’t accept by husband’s condition until you prayed with me that God’s best be done for him. Since then I have had peace, even when he died.”

“A year ago you prayed for our son as he lay in a coma for two weeks. I brought him back to show you how God answered your prayers!”

“Our daughter had a very difficult night. We almost lost her. I’m so glad you are here to pray for her.”

“We’re from out of state. It means a lot to have you be with us and pray for our son.”

What Healthcare Staff Says…

A Housekeeper:

“Thank you for your prayers for my grandson. I couldn’t have finished the day without you.”

An Anesthesiologist:

“I often see you praying for patients in the operating room. I feel you help more than I do.”

A Director of Nursing:

“I want you to have this needlepoint motto. When I saw it , I thought of seeing you listening to so many people: Called to listen to the needs of others, even those unspoken.”

A Laboratory Supervisor:

“I’m so glad you begin our Department Manager’s meeting with prayer. Even if all the rest of the week is a total loss, that makes up for it!”

Fifty Medical Workers who nominated a chaplain for a Spirit of Caring Award: “Words cannot express the goodness in this man’s heart. He is available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of patients, families, and staff.”

An Administrator, presenting a Chaplain a plaque for 15 years of service: “Our Chaplain has greatly helped to improve the quality of care we provide. He gives of his time to listen, help, and counsel patients, family, and staff. We express our gratitude for his compassionate and unselfish service.”

You can make a difference.

As a faith mission, HCMA relies on individuals for support, encouragement and prayer. You can be involved by supporting an individual Chaplain, by supporting the HCMA organization, by referring a potential HCMA Applicant or a hospital to HCMA, by referring patients to a Chaplain, by praying for HCMA and its Chaplains, or by applying as an HCMA Chaplain yourself.